Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daiya Cheese Coupon Giveaway!

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In celebration of my birthday week (and another part of Shinmas going by) I am offering two coupons for Daiya cheese products! One is for their wedges and one is for their delicious, easy-to-melt shreds which means that there are TWO winners possible for this giveaway.

Never experienced Daiya Cheese before? Daiya cheese is a vegan cheese that contains absolutely no soy, gluten, dairy (including lactose and casein) or eggs. It has the ability to melt and stretch and tastes exactly the opposite of what most people know of other vegan cheeses. There are six different flavors (three per each type of cheese) so you have a great variety! Any product you buy from Daiya will be melty, creamy and needs nothing but heat to get it to be so.

Here are some amazing recipes and ideas that utilize Daiya Cheese.

Tofu manicotti smothered with Daiya Cheese (Mozzarella-Style)

From "Wanna Be A Vegan".

A sandwiched stuffed to the brim with Daiya Cheese, fresh foccacia, seitan and tomatoes.

From "JL Goes Vegan"

 A great seitan philly improved by Daiya Cheese wedges.

from "Busy Vegetarian Mom"

Want to get in on making your own deliciously-creamy creations but don't know where? Have you already fallen in love with Daiya and now all you want is to buy it every day and you want a little break? Here's how to enter!

Store Locator: 

Mandatory Entries:
'Like' Shin's Vegan Lovin' and Daiya Cheese on Facebook and leave a comment.
Follow me on Blogger through Google Friend Connect and leave a comment.

Extra Entries:
Tell me whether you would prefer wedges or shreds.
Comment about your ultimate vegan cheese-dish.
Comment to wish me a happy birthday!
Share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and comment about it.


 Giveaway ends on November 18th, 2012 at 12:00 am.


  1. I like Shin's Vegan Lovin' on FB!

  2. I prefer to check on the wedges! They would make great additions in lunchboxes!

  3. I shared your giveaway on FB! :)

  4. I have yet to try the wedges so I would love to!

  5. My ultimate cheese dish would be lasagna! I'm Sicilian, after all! :)

  6. Happy birthday!! I hope it is a great one :)

  7. I follow through gfc tina paquette

  8. I have yet to try the wedges but I love the shreds!

  9. Happy birthday! No need to enter me in the contest, but Daiya is definitely a special sort of treat. I wasn't a huge fan of the wedges though... Maybe if I shredded them on and put them on pizza, I might feel differently!

    1. Thank you very much, Hannah! I haven't been able to try the wedges yet - but we're going out of town tomorrow to try them. ^^


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